Waste Disposal


Green For Life (GFL) Environmental handles our waste collection. Waste collection takes place on MONDAYS.

To obtain a 96 gallon trash cart for $75 or a 65 gallon recycling cart for $65, please contact GFL Environmental at 866-772-8900. The18 gallon recycle bins are available at City Hall.

For more information, please view the brochure
We have been made aware that GFL began accepting plastic grocery sacks  since their brochure was printed.
The City pays for rubbish pickup, collection of recyclables, and yard waste from GFL Environmental through your tax dollars. We generally participate in West Bloomfield’s hazardous waste events which are usually offered in April and September.

Weekly collections of rubbish, recycling, and yard waste are made on Mondays. Rubbish and recycling should be placed at the curb or at the edge of the street upon which the residence fronts no earlier than 4 p.m. on Sunday evening. Yard waste may be placed at the curb as early as 9 a.m. on Saturday. All waste, recycling, and yard waste should be placed at the curb by 7 a.m.

Yard WasteHolidays push their pickup schedules back one day with regular schedules resuming the following week. Therefore, collection will take place on Tuesday whenever one of the following holidays fall on Monday of that week:

  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Christmas
  • New Years

GFL Environmental has a weight limit of 60 lbs for any one trash item and a maximum trash container volume of 35 gallons for trash cans. Larger containers can be purchased from GFL Environmental. The hand baskets for recycling are available for free at City Hall.

The yard waste collection program runs from the first Monday in April through the second Monday in December. Yard waste must be either in a kraft paper bag, up to a 32 gallon plastic or metal container marked yard waste, or bundled. Bundles should not exceed 4 feet length, 18 inches in diameter and 60 pounds in weight. Please tie with heavy twine or rope.

GFL Environmental will make available for purchase a large 96 gallon wheeled trash cart for $75 and a 65 gallon wheeled recycle containers for $65. Please contact GFL Environmental at 866-772-8900 to obtain wheeled carts.

If you have any questions on the recycling program or yard waste, you may call the City Hall or GFL Environmental.