The City has a lawn-fertilizing Ordinance. If you hire a commercial firm to service your lawn, please be sure they are properly licensed through the City Hall. To protect water quality, no fertilizer may be applied and no landscaping work is allowed within thirty-five feet (35') of a lake or wetlands without a permit from the City. Trees are regulated. Please see Chapter 18, Article 9 of the General Ordinance for more information.

Please do not change the elevation of your land without first checking the Ordinances governing landfill etc. and please check the zoning and building restrictions before making additions or alterations to your home.

The City regulates rental housing. If you are considering renting your home, please check with City Hall to obtain a copy of the regulations.

We enforce our City Dog Ordinance. Current dog licenses may be purchased at the City office from December 1st through May 31st and then beginning June 1st, the cost increases substantially. The City of Orchard Lake Village has an animal ordinance that prohibits the ownership, possession, and maintenance of dangerous animals, Pit Bull Terriers, and exotic animals. We ask that you do not allow your dogs to run at large. If you have a domestic animal complaint, please call the Police Department or Oakland County Animal Control Division at 248-391-4102.