Water & Sewer Department

City of Orchard Lake Village contracts with the Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner’s (WRC) office for operation, maintenance, and billing for the City’s sanitary sewer and public water system.

NEW - City of Orchard Lake Village allows the installation of a secondary water meter for water that is used strictly outdoors that will not enter the sewage system. Water flowing through the secondary meter will only be charged for water, but not for sewage treatment. Anyone drawing water from the lake or a well for lawn irrigation would not benefit from this secondary meter. Click Here, if you’re interested in pursuing a secondary meter. 

Click Here to Watch How Flushable Wipes' Effects Our Sewer System.

WRC Billing/Connect/Disconnect/Water Meter Contacts

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner

Located off Watkins Lake Road between Pontiac Lake Road and Scott Lake Road

One Public Works Drive, Building 95 West
Waterford, MI 48328-1907

Contact Information 

WRC Main Number:                                       248-858-0958                              
WRC Main Fax Number:                                248-858-1066
Water & Sewer Billing Questions:                   248-858-1110
24-Hour Water & Sewer Emergencies:           248-624-6366
24-Hour Pollution Hotline:                               248-858-0931